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LINO SELVATICO. A second Belle Époque

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14 maggio- 31 luglio 2016 Ca’Pesaro – Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna


The exhibition Lino Selvatico, a second Belle Époque, from 14 May to July 31, 2016 at Ca ' Pesaro-International Gallery of modern art, starts with desire to enhance the collections that the Museum were transferred through the intelligent work of capturing the biennales by the municipality of Venice.

The exposure part from the best known painter, born in Padua in 1872 and died in Biancade (TV) in 1924 — female images and some masterpieces preserved in collections of Ca ' Pesaro, as gray Riding Hood of 1903, the portrait of the Countess Annina Morosini of 1908 and 1922 mother and son.

At the heart of the retrospective twenty-five works spanning the artistic career of Lino Selvatico: a selection small but precious, which highlights the issues and interests prevail.

Through a path divided into three sections, female, Family and model, that reflect the same themes explored by Lino Selvatico during his long and prolific career, the exhibition will be a unique opportunity to rediscover some masterpieces of Ca ' Pesaro, in a sometimes surprising comparison with works of production less collector.

Emerge then an artist of great thickness, of which describes factors such as large format portraits executed by Venetian and milanese high society, but also lesser-known episodes, linked to the imaginary and the Visual culture of the Belle Époque.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog published by LSWR GROUP (Milan, 2016), edited by Christian Sant, with contributions by Elizabeth Barisoni, Silvia Banks, Clarissa Chakravarti, Irene Source, Sergio Marinelli, Michela Miraval, Jeanne Nadig, Ivano Sartor and Nico string, that represents a significant update of historical studies and a more precise placement of some important aspects of the life and production of the artist.