Sunday March 24, 2019

Festa del Redentore

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Festa del Redentore. Is the fairy Boat Festival on the Saturday preceding the third Sunday of July. It is renewed every year since 1577, when, after the terrible plague that struck the city, the Venetians began construction of the Church del Redentore alla Giudecca, work of Palladio.
During the day, there is a votive pilgrimage (until a few years ago favored from the bridge on barges launched on the Giudecca Canal, now no longer made to avoid blocking the port for three days), and at sunset it starts the famous nocturnal party that lasts until dawn. The St. Mark's basin collects thousands and thousands of boats, in a blaze of lights, colours, music; to land a huge crowd attends "i foghi", the midnight firework display that concludes the first part of the Festival. Then, the shaman to wait (according to tradition) the Sunrise, between songs and dances.