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Getting around

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In Venice you can move on foot (a really beautiful experience) or with boats and motorboats ACTV.

Major shipping lines

The main lines are those that travel the Grand Canal, the Giudecca Canal and the Northern lagoon.

CENTER LINES: These are the 1 and 2 lines running through the heart of the city: the two inner channels, Canal Grande e Giudecca Canal. Are lens lines which allow you to enjoy all the palaces on the Grand Canal and some areas of the city such as la Giudecca. Put together some of the focal points of the city such as Tronchetto and Piazzale Roma, Rialto station, the Accademia bridge, health and San Marco.

GIRACITTA LINES: The lines in question, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6  make a circular path around the perimeter of the city. With these lines you can reach quickly from Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto, areas like the Fondamenta Nuove, Murano, the arsenal, Lido Venice, Giardini and the Zattere.

LAGOON LINES: Are the lines of linkage with the lagoon islands like the Lido (17) San Servolo (20) and Pellestrina (11). All depart from San Zaccaria (San Marco).

LINE N: The lines marked with a N are in funcion only at night. It is available a night service that connects all of the city's most topic areas. Starts around midnight  until 5 o'clock in the morning.

TICKETS: Your best choice  is to buy tickets in time to save on single fare that is 7 €. Long term tickets are the cheapest solution for those who want to move in Venice and its surroundings with the Actv public transport. They allow unlimited travel and are usable on all means of transport of shipping lines and run urban land in the municipality of Venice Alilaguna excluded, Clodia, and Fusina-Zattere. The validity of the ticket can be 24 hours or 72 hours, depending on the chosen tariff.

18,00 € – 12-HOUR TICKET

20,00 € – 24 HOUR TICKET

25,00 € – 36-HOUR TICKET

30,00 €-48 HOUR TICKET

35,00 € – 72 HOURS TICKET

50,00 € – 7-DAY TICKET


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Getting around

Getting around

In Venice you can move on foot (a really beautiful experience) or with boats and motorboats ACTV....

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