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How to arrive

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From Marco Polo airport you can reach the historic centre of Venice in several ways: 

Road Taxi: in 15 minutes you will arrive at Piazzale Roma, the rate hovers around 40 EUR (radiotaxi Mestre Tel. + 39-041-936222). From Piazzale Roma you can go further in the city directly on foot or by navigating with the ACTV.

Water taxis: water taxis are private fast boats to transport passengers. Are different from public boat for their small size (can upload up to a dozen people); represent the fastest way to reach the Centre of Venice – 15 minutes – but certainly also the most expensive: a race can reach 100 €

BUS ATVO: shuttle Bus connects the airport to Piazzale Roma in 20 minutes, with regular departures every half hour. The ticket price is 3 euros and includes transportation of baggage. For more detailed information on schedules of bus ATVO, please consult the website of the ATVO

ACTV Bus: the bus number 5 makes several stops before arriving at Piazzale Roma (which is the terminal where  cars stops in Venice). If you want to get to Mestre Centre take the number 15. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, the ticket price is: 2,50 EUR excluding the carriage of baggage, for which you must pay an extra ticket: for each suitcase is expected to pay a fee equal to that applied to the passenger.

BOAT/FERRY Speedboat Alilaguna Blue and Red Line: it is a service of private boats which take you directly from the airport to Venice, via focal points of the city. The service – much cheaper private taxi – is the Alilaguna Red Line – between parentheses indicate the time – which stops in Murano (30 ′), Lido (55 '), arsenal (01:05 '), s. Marco (1:10 ') and Zattere (1:20 '). There is also the Alilaguna blue line also stops at Fondamente Nuove (30 ') and in s. Marco (58 '). It is active, also, a shuttle service that connects the Airport directly to Stazione Marittima. Alilaguna Blue lines and Red running hourly. The ticket price ranges from a minimum of 5 euros to 13 euros; (for connecting the airport to Venice center) and includes transportation of baggage. For more details and information about prices and shipping times you can see directly the Alilaguna's site at


Venice is easily reachable by car via the Highway (A4 from Trieste and from Torino, A27 from Belluno, take the A13 from Bologna) and (SS 309 Romea method from the Adriatic coast, SS. 14 from Tireste, SS. 13 from Treviso, SS. 11 from Padua). Once near the lagoon, take the Ponte della Libertà that connects literally the Mainland to Venice. At the signs for Venezia Piazzale Roma, take the most extreme point which can be accessed by car.

Here you must park their car. This is a list of car parks in Piazzale Roma: Municipal Garage, Garage s. Marco, Garage s.Andrea. The alternative is the large car park at the Tronchetto Island, reachable by turning right after the Ponte della Liberta', and cheaper. Another option is to leave your car in Mestre (this possibility is cheaper choice), both at the parking lots located near the entrance of the Ponte della Libertà that close to Mestre train Station and reach Venice by public transport, both bus and train.


The train is the easiest way to get directly on the Grand Canal: you have to get off at Venice Santa Lucia. If you have to stop at Mestre or Marghera, because your property is situated in this area, go to the previous station called Venice-Mestre. The train is also a great way to go from Venice to Mestre and vice versa because it is a very fast connection: just 10 minutes.


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